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  • Ruth Hardy June 10, 2013, 5:02 am

    My son is allergic to tree nuts-cshews and pistachios to be exact. I have been afraid to try coconut oil with him as I was not sure coconut was considered a tree tree nut from an allergy perspective. Do you have any info on this? Thanks!

  • Amber Van Mansfeld May 2, 2012, 1:41 pm

    Hello Tiffany,

    Recently my family and I decided to come off wheat. After gaining 50 lbs in culinary school and a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I am willing to try just about anything to get rid of the weight and the diabetes. After a month of no wheat, my 2 year old turned 3 which meant a birthday party. In order to feed the masses, I decided to consume regular pasta and a delicious birthday cake from Whole Foods. Let’s just say that my feet have been swollen for days and are just now starting to get back to normal.

    I say all of this to let you know that I found your website because I was looking for a wheat free pie crust recipe for a chicken pot pie. My daughter mentioned last night that she wanted it for dinner because it is one of her favorite meals. I am going to use your recipe and add to it a blend of herbs just as I would a traditional pie crust. I will let you know how it turns out.

    Thank you for blogging about all of this because it is important that people like me have a place to go to for ideas and even some support. I also agree with you that we need fat. It is essential for proper brain development especially in our children. I just don’t know where our society got the idea that ‘fat’ is the ‘enemy’.

    One more question before I go, your recipe for the Coconut Flour Chocolate Cake calls for cocoa powder. Would the recipe still turn out if I melted chocolate to add to the mix instead of the cocoa powder? I think that I would get a richer chocolate taste.


    Chef Amber