Coconut Oil Bath Melts

Next time you take a bath pop one of these nourishing coconut oil bath melts into your bath! Your skin will feel softer than a baby's tush! I love to take hot detox baths. It’s one of my favorites ways to unwind after a long day. I usually apply coconut oil to my skin after [...]

Does Coconut Oil Clog Your Drains?

This is a common question asked often on my blog, especially on my coconut oil body scrub and antioxidant coffee scrub recipes. Nobody wants to ruin their plumbing by using coconut oil in the bathroom. I get it! First, I want to say that in all my years of using coconut oil I haven't had [...]

Metabolism Boosting Coconut Oil Coffee

Metabolism Boosting Coconut Oil Coffee - A healthy way to enjoy your morning cup of joe! This may not surprise you, but I put coconut oil in my coffee. It’s delicious! But I don’t do it just for it’s yummy-ness. Coconut oil gives me Super-Mama Powers! For realz. Coconut oil gives me a boost in energy [...]

12 Ways To Eat More Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a metabolism boosting fat that also increases your energy and improves your digestions. Here are 12 simple ways to eat more coconut oil daily! One of the things I love most about coconut oil is that it tastes amazing and is pretty easy to add into your diet. Once you start adding [...]