Coconut Oil Lotion Bars How to make Coconut Oil Lotion Bars Depends on amount used 1 part Coconut Oil 1 part Pure Beeswax Essential Oil (optional)

Coconut Oil Lotion Bars

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  1. Heat coconut oil and beeswax together in a saucepan over low heat. It helps if you break up the beeswax into small chunks because it takes a while for the wax to melt.
  2. Once the beeswax and coconut oil are melted add essential oils. I like to use vanilla and lavender. I’m sensitive to strong fragrances so I only add a few drops.
  3. Pour melted coconut oil and beeswax into lotion bar molds or muffin tins.
  4. Let them sit until cool. You can also place them in the refrigerator if you need to speed up the process.