How To Make Sunflower Seed Milk at Home

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Delicious, nutritious, and easy to make, sunflower seed milk is one of the best dairy alternatives, and is even better when made at home!


1 cup sunflower seeds

4 cups water

1 half tsp salt


Step 1 – Pour your sunflower seeds into a bowl and then cover them with 4 cups of water, along with the salt.

Step 2 – Cover the bowl and leave it out overnight, or at least 8 hours, in the fridge, to help soften the seeds.

Step 3 – Once rested, pour the contents of the bowl into a blender and seal tightly.

Step 4 – Blend the seeds and water mixture until no particulate of sunflower seeds remain, and the mixture is a uniform white.

Step 5 – Pour your sunflower milk through a sieve into a bowl with a tight fitting lid, so as to catch any errant bits of unblended sunflower husk.

Nutrition Facts