Salmon Vermicelli Noodle Bowls (Keto)

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Learn how to make Vermicelli bowls with salmon and keto-friendly noodles! This healthy alternative has all the flavor and texture of traditional Vermicelli bowls, but without carbs!



Noodle Sauce:


  1. Start by preheating the oven to 400 F and lining a baking sheet with foil. Make sure it is long enough to fold over and cover the salmon.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the ingredients for the marinade. Peel the skin from the ginger and roughly chop it along with the garlic. Instead of mincing, you can put them in a garlic crusher to speed up the process.
  3. Put the salmon in the marinade, making sure the sauce covers it. Then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and keep it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Wash and prep your vegetables. Chop the lettuce and red cabbage into strips, then julienne the carrots, cucumber, and bell pepper. Cut the ends of the cilantro or roughly chop if you want smaller pieces. Set all veggie toppings aside.
  5. Begin preparing your noodle sauce. Combine the lemon juice, fish sauce, chili garlic sauce, garlic, erythritol granulated sugar, and water in a small bowl. Start with one tablespoon of fish sauce and adjust to the desired taste. Be careful not to add too much lemon juice as one lemon is 5g carbs.
  6. Once the salmon is finished marinating, put it on the foil-lined baking sheet, pour the marinade on top of the salmon, and cover it all with foil. Bake for 12 minutes.
  7. In a large pan, get water boiling for the noodles. Then cook the noodles as per package instructions. (Noodles are packaged in liquid. Instructions were to rinse, drain, parboil for 2-3 minutes, and drain again). 
  8. Once the salmon is done baking, remove the top layer of foil and then stick it back in the oven to broil for 3-5 minutes. This will slightly char the salmon and give it a sticky sauce. All ranges are different so keep a close eye on ensuring it doesn’t burn.
  9. Begin assembling your shirataki noodle bowls. Mix the noodles with the noodle sauce and place in a bowl. Then add the lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, cilantro, and salmon.
  10. Serve with chopped peanuts, jalapenos, and fresh mint leaves. Pour the sauce over and enjoy!

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