Coconut Oil Bath Melts

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Below is my recipe for making coconut oil bath melts with essential oils. Pop one in your bath and nourish your skin!



  1. Heat the coconut oil on low heat for 1-2 minutes or until coconut oil is completely melted.
  2. Remove from heat and add essential oils.
  3. Mix well and pour the melted coconut oil into your molds.
  4. Let the coconut oil bath melts cool. If it’s warm in your home this may take some time. You can place them in your fridge to cool quicker if you like.
  5. Once cooled, pop the melts out of the molds and store them in a container in a cool place.
  6. If you keep your home warm (70 degrees or above) you may need to store these in the fridge or freezer so they don’t melt.

Caution: Coconut oil may leave your tub quite slippery! Be careful when getting out. I have slipped before. 🙁