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Tiffany is the founder of the wellness website Coconut Mama where she spent over a decade creating coconut-inspired recipes and tutorials. Tiffany lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and works as a freelance writer, recipe creator, and photographer. She studies aromatherapy and herbalism and loves to cook plant-based meals. You can follow Tiffany on Instagram.

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  1. Christopher Alan Gass

    I have sensitive teeth and hard foods hurt my teeth. So I took Hormel Black Label Cherrywood Thick Bacon, Cooked the bacon, and then I took the bacon and broke the pieces and placed the pieces into a coffee grinder and powdered the bacon. I then added a few drops of the bacon grease (Culinary Oil of Gold) to the powdered bacon. Then completed the recipe.

  2. Kathy Goodwater

    I had to sub sauteed red onion for the greens, but followed the recipe without changing anything else. My muffins were beautiful and absolutely the best egg muffin I’ve made yet. I warmed one up for breakfast and it was as good as one straight from the oven.

  3. Kelly

    Hi Tiffany, I made these the other dat but I omitted the coconut flour. I’ve made a variation on these before and never used it. They turned out perfectly. Why would I use It? I may try it but I’m wondering why you used it. Thank you. Love your recipes

  4. Cindy

    I plan to try these . They sound yummy. I am wondering if they have to be refridgerated . I would like to try making these for our backpacking breakfast. Do you think they would work?

  5. Sara

    I love this recipe and the muffins I’ve made have tasted nice, but everytime the muffins come out with a crumbly texture (like fall apart in the muffin case before eating). Doesn’t matter how much extra liquid I add or if I add extra eggs I just can’t get it right 🙁 very frustrating coz if I could get them a bit smoother they would be amazing!

  6. Wanda

    Asking all these questions does my head in when I read food blogs

    Why don’t people think for themselves and try swapping / substituting ingredients and see if it works. Just don’t tell us, who like, to follow a recipe that someone has kindly shared to the letter.

    You can also work out carbs etc by looking up nutrition information of ingredients on the Internet.

    Come to think of it you can also look at substitutions on the internet.

    Just getting a large pot lid to protect myself from the onslaught of angry replies

  7. Linda

    I would also like to know if these work without cheese. A lot of people are lactose intolerant (like me) or allergic to milk and it seems that every recipe on earth has a ton of cheese – especially vegetarian recipes. Cheese is just flavored fat as far as I’m concerned, and we’re just substituting meat for cheese.

    • Candace

      Daiya makes a great vegan style cheese – I use it in all recipes calling for cheese. Lots of grocery stores and health food stores carry it. I sometimes also use nutritional yeast flakes instead for a cheesy flavour.

  8. Naomi

    I just made these with turkey sausage, kale and scallions, swiss/parmesan. Use what you have, right? They are really yummy! I’ve been trying to make bread or even buy paleo bread but they’re horrible! So this gives me a breakfast muffin where I don’t feel cheated. Thank you!

  9. Tonya

    Thank you Tiffany, for the video about pasture raised eggs vs cage free!! I’ve been wondering how to buy eggs and have recently tried deciphering between all the different labels! I believe I’ve been paying WAY too much for “cage free” that have been misleading in their reality. Thanks bunches 🙂

    • The Coconut Mama

      The sour cream adds to this recipe but it isn’t needed. If you like, you can omit it completely. I’m not sure about the coconut milk, it may be a good substitute!

  10. Gretchen E.

    I tried these today and followed the recipe exactly. It was a little salty for me with the bacon, cheese, and extra salt, but otherwise they were incredible! This will be my new go-to! The taste and texture reminded me of quiche. I imagine the possibilities are endless to customize to your own taste, and I can’t wait to try this again! Thank you!!!

  11. Charlemagne Prokopyshyn

    Genius! These are little gems! Absolutely delish! I just made a batch for breakfast this morning and my muffin cases are bit smaller so the mix made 11! Also for the greens- I didn’t have Kale or Spinach but had some leftover cabbage, pine nuts and courgette from last night’s dinner so used 1/2 cup of that and it was really good! I would think any leftover veg or any veg would work as well. Great recipe thank you! 😀 YUM!

  12. Andrea Foote

    Thanks for this. I’ve been making a similar one for months, although with more cheese and no greens. I also didn’t add sour cream and always thought it needed something. I’ll definitely give this new method a try.

  13. Larisa Fiat

    I’ve tried these muffins, today. I have made them for my husband. He was so impressed and satisfied with the taste and texture. Tks for the recipe! I’ll definitely do it again!

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