Non-Toxic Soft Scrub Recipe

Ditch the chemicals and clean your sink, toilets and shower with this non-toxic soft scrub recipe! I quit using a lot of cleaners several years ago after I had read about the health hazards of the chemicals in cleaning products and the possible link to cancer and other serious conditions. I was particularly concerned when I read that children [...]

25+ Coconut Oil Recipes

  Unless you live under a rock you may have noticed the craze around coconut oil. Coconut oil is finally getting recognition for its many health benefits and uses. Coconut oil is rich in immune boosting fat lauric acid (aka the super healthy fats found in human breast milk). Coconut oil also supports thyroid health and [...]

Soothing Shower Diffuser Discs

I love taking baths (especially detox baths), but with three kids and a busy schedule I don't get to enjoy them as often as I'd like. I miss relaxing in the bath with epsom salts and essential oils. The combo relaxes me and helps me to sleep better at night. Recently I starting using shower diffuser disks in my shower [...]

Hormone Balancing Maca Powder Smoothie

When it comes to herbs and natural substances, I believe in using as natural of ingredients as possible. Since I'm all about using clean and natural ingredients, it's no surprise that I came upon maca powder. Maca may seem a little mysterious, but this trendy "exotic" supplement is anything but a trendy superfood. It's been around [...]

Are you deficient in ‪‎magnesium‬? This deficiency can trigger up to 22 medical conditions, including anxiety‬, dental problems, liver disease, osteoporosis, and hypertension.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for your body's main function. But according to The Magnesium Miracle, most Americans only consume half of how much total magnesium the need in a day. What does this mean? It means a lot of us are walking around not getting nearly enough magnesium. As a group, Americans are chronically [...]

Double Chocolate Coconut Flour Brownies

Brownie's are my go-to dessert that I make when I have company over. They're warm, gooey and delicious! My all time favorite brownie recipe was passed down from my mother in law. Her brownies are the best! Lucky for me her recipe was easily converted to using coconut flour instead of all-purpose flour. These coconut [...]