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  1. Linda

    This is awesome! I love date sugar but it’s too expensive. One question, could I substitute it straight across for sugar in baking? I know it would add moisture and I’d need to reduce that component but for sweetness, would it be similar? Thanks!

  2. daynateachespiano

    Thank you so much! Missy B’s slowly transitioning off GAPS diet but still hasn’t added back in sugar so this is GREAT. Nice alternative to honey!

    • Julia Skinner

      Depends what you are healing 🙂 I would go paleo/primal/perfect health diet (all very similar) minus the dairy for 2 months, trial dairy see if it effects you. If your issues don’t go away try gaps, gaps is very hard core and may be a bit much to start with, I know it scares me and I have been primal for over a year. But then if you are hard core do gaps first for a few months and add stuff back slowly and see how it effects you. It is all experimentation and seeing how your body reacts. Good luck.

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