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Tiffany is the founder of the wellness website Coconut Mama where she spent over a decade creating coconut-inspired recipes and tutorials. Tiffany lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and works as a freelance writer, recipe creator, and photographer. She studies aromatherapy and herbalism and loves to cook plant-based meals. You can follow Tiffany at @tiffanymariepnw on Instagram.

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  1. lyra1980

    We love coconut here in Belize (mostly as coconut oil and coconut milk) but traditionally don’t use what is called the coconut “trash” to make flour, so its an exciting new product for coconut processors to contemplate. Fun focus to your blog-do you live somewhere close to coconut country? We do food and culture tours in Belize (tastebelize.com/) and teaching visitors how to husk a coconut and make coconut milk from scratch the traditional way is an activity people really enjoy.

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