Beautycounter Giveaway

Are you ready to break up with your make-up?

I know this may be a difficult decision for you, but it’s the right thing to do!

Like you, I didn’t know that when I applied sunscreen, lotion, shampoo and the dozens of other products that I use daily, that I was applying toxic chemicals directly to my skin. In addition, some of these chemicals can get absorbed into our bloodstream.

Like many of us did or do, I assumed that we live in a highly regulated country, so the products I am using must be safe. I honestly, never questioned safety at all until recent years. I was so surprised when I finally learned that when it comes to the personal care industry, there are very minimal regulations.

Companies are allowed to use known toxins—ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and hormone disruption—without even disclosing these ingredients to us! Seems crazy, right?

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are some companies working hard to create safe skincare products and to change the industry. I’ve been spending tons of time researching them.

I am excited to share what I’ve learned with you and to inspire you to make safer choices!

Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including, but not limited to asthma, learning disabilities, cancer and infertility) are on the rise, and due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals—whether it’s in the shower, on our commute, while we eat lunch at a local restaurant, or when we clean our kitchens at home.

What’s worse is the Food and Drug Administration (the agency that regulates cosmetics) allows companies to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful (lead, formaldehyde, and phthalates) in the products we put on our bodies and on our kids every single day, day after day.

We deserve better! It’s time to do something about it!

This is why I’ve partnered up with Beautycounter.

At Beautycounter, we’ve banned more than 1,500 ingredients setting a new health and safety standard— all while ensuring our products perform, and that they’re as indulgent as any luxe shampoo, lipstick or oil in the market. I didn’t only fall in love with Beautycounter because their products are safe and high performing, but I wanted to work with a company that is working towards real change.

Beautycounter is dedicated to making changes on the legislative level and creating a safe skin care movement. They are taking action in Washington and working to reform the current laws, in hopes that other skin care companies will follow their strict safety guidelines. They also work very closely to support 3 non-profit organizations that are doing great work to reduce our amount of chemical exposure. Watch this short video to learn why I am so proud to be a part of this company.

Now, let’s talk about some actual products!

Beautycounter is dedicated to product performance, as much as product safety. After trying countless non-toxic cosmetic brands (you don’t even want to know how much money I’ve spent on this!), I can tell you that this combination of non-toxic ingredients and products that work is extremely rare.

Some natural cosmetic brands use only 100% organic ingredients. This is as pure as makeup can get, but often, the performance is lacking. While Beautycounter uses both synthetic and organic ingredients, they never compromise on the safety of the ingredients. Beautycounter has developed a groundbreaking and rigorous ingredient screening process, looking for data on skin irritation, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, cumulative exposure (are we exposed to this chemical from other sources) and more.

Every single Beautycounter product is rated between 0-2 on EWG’s Skindeep database, which is my go-to resource for researching product safety!

These products work extremely well and are comparable to the luxurious brands I am used to purchasing at department stores. Except, they are void of all the harsh chemicals. My skin has honestly never looked better!

Here are a few of my favorite Beautycounter products that I use and love!

Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Charcoal Cleansing Bar

The charcoal cleansing bar contains activated charcoal derived from the Japanese Ubame Oak tree that attracts and binds to impurities and oils on the skin’s surface, resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion. Made with antioxidant-rich, organic green tea and hydrating organic coconut oil, the gentle formula can be used daily on your face and body.

Lengthening Mascara

Lengthening Mascara

Conditions lashes while you wear it, with organic oils and shea butter. The easy-control precision brush ensures clean application without smudging, clumping, or flaking.

Protect Stick Sunscreen

Protect Stick Sunscreen

Formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, the Stick Sunscreen provides sheer protection from UVA/UVB rays and glides on smoothly without leaving white residue. Compact and easy to use, our kid-friendly stick is suitable for face and body and provides water-resistant sun protection for the entire family. Organic ingredients, including coconut oil and acai fruit oil, help to hydrate and protect your skin. Comes in a limited-edition Sweet Tooth scent, a delicious aroma that comes from rich organic cocoa butter.

The Giveaway

I’m giving away a Charcoal Cleansing Bar, Lengthening Mascara and a Protect Sunscreen Stick to 3 of my readers! I know you’re going to love these safe products as much as I do!

Special Offer: To launch my partnership with Beautycounter, I am making a very special offer to my readers. If you place an order at Beautycounter, using my link: will send you a FREE gift!

Place an order of $50 or more, I will send you the Beautycounter Essentials Sample pack (samples of cleansers and face scrubs) and a sample of foundation tint colors. I LOVE this line of products and I always travel with this sample pack!

Special Offer for Coconut Mama Readers

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